Masque of Orpheus AQ:16 Evangelos Potter
Hall of the Dwarven King tile mural AQ:23 Zola Potter
Marching Gnome statue AQ:23 Zola Potter

Battle of Jerusalem AQ:15 Edith
ancient tapestry (AQ:22- effectively tractatus Q:11) from town of Siderno
witches of the north AQ:18 Edith

Nyad of the Fountain AQ:11 Alberto
Apollo at Zenith AQ:14 Alberto

Moses on the Mount AQ:15 Joshua
Parting of the Red Sea AQ:15 Joseph

Nude of Collette the cook AQ:12 Phillip Mason
Nude of Melissa the cook AQ:15 Phillip Mason
Nude of Carmen the Cook AQ:17 Phillip Mason
Aphrodite emerging nude from the sea AQ:17 Phillip mason
Nude of Giovanna the weaver AQ:19 Phillip Mason
Nude of Unice the Vintner AQ:21 Phillip Mason
Nude of Yasmine the huntress AQ:21 Phillip Mason

Hall of the Persphone etching AQ:15 Alexander
Hephastus at the forge sculpture AQ:16 Alexander

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