Masque of Orpheus AQ:16 Evangelos Potter - Elysium (Hades)
Hall of the Dwarven King tile mural AQ:23 Zola Potter - Elysium (Hall of the dwarven King)
Marching Gnome statue AQ:23 Zola Potter - Arcadia
Persephone Mourning AQ:24 Zola potter - Elysium (Hades)
Faunus AQ:24 Zola potter - Arcadia
Seasons of the forest AQ:24 Zola potter prop in Gloriana's sanctum - Cr, Mu, Pe, Vi, Im bonus (1 per casting) +5 (too large to move practically) - Elysium (summer/winter court)
Evandrus with the clay of life AQ:25 - Arcadia
Masque of the five elements AQ:25 Zola potter prop Aq, Au, Ig, Te, Vi bonus +3 - Arcadia
The Dryad's emergence AQ:26 Zola potter - Arcadia
Danse of the faerie circle AQ:26 Zola potter - Arcadia
Fauns and Nymphs sculpture AQ:26 Zola potter - Arcadia
Niads and Gnomes sculpture AQ:26 Zola potter - Arcadia
Masque of Aroldo AQ:26 Zola potter - none
Masque of Zola AQ:24 Aroldo Potter - none
Gloriana's Ascent AQ:27 Zola potter - Arcadia
Gift of the maga AQ:27 Zola potter Eudokia (love and longevity, surviving loved ones)

Battle of Jerusalem AQ:15 Edith Elysium (Jeruselum)
ancient tapestry (AQ:22- effectively tractatus Q:11) from town of Siderno - none
witches of the north AQ:18 Edith - Arcadia
The three fates AQ:22 Adriana - Eudokia
Evandrus and the secret wisdom AQ:22 Adriana - Arcadia
Wheel of the year AQ:21 prop +4 to Au, Aq, Ig, Te - Elysium (summer/winter courts)
Witches of the south AQ:22 Edith - arcadia
Witches of the East AQ:22 Edith - arcadia
Gloriana and the Secret Wisdom AQ:23 Adrianna - arcadia
The light of learning AQ:23 Adrianna - Arcadia
witches of the west AQ:23 Edith - arcadia
Arachne's Chamber AQ:24 Adriann - Elysium (ancient Greece)
Rumplestiltskin AQ:24 Adrianna - Elysium

Nyad of the Fountain AQ:11 Alberto - Arcadia
Apollo at Zenith AQ:14 Alberto - Elysium (Olympus)
The Gregorian knot in prismatic splendor AQ:14 Alberto prop in Gloriana's sanctum - Me, In or Re bonus (1 per casting) +5 (too large to move practically) - Arcadia
Stained glass Paul on the Road to Damascus AQ:16 - Elysium (Historic/biblical road)
Stained Glass Peter, Paul and Simon AQ:14 - none
Evandros in the faerie glade AQ:15 Alberto - Arcadia (faerie glade)
Elements of glass AQ:15 Alberto +4 prop for Aq, Au, Ig, Te (1 per casting) - none
The ice maiden AQ:16 Alberto - Arcadia (ice queen palace)
The knotted rainbow AQ:16 Alberto - Arcadia
Menagerie of crystal AQ:16 Alberto - Arcadia (crystal forest)
Fires of Heaven stained glass AQ:16 Alberto - none
The crystal dragon AQ:16 Alberto - Arcadia
The apprentice AQ:17- Eudokia

Moses on the Mount AQ:15 Joshua - Elysium (Mount Siani)
Parting of the Red Sea AQ:15 Joseph - Elysium (red sea)
Evandrus and the Dryads AQ:19 Joseph - Arcadia
From water and earth through fire to air AQ:19 prop +4 for Au, Aq, Ig, Te (one per casting) - Elysium
Abraham and the Ram AQ:21 Joshua - Elysium (bible story)
Noah's Arc AQ:20 Joseph - Elysium (bible story)
Battle of Jericho AQ:21 Joshua - Elysium (bible story)
Wrestling with God AQ:21 Joshua - Elysium (bible story)
Sodom and Gomorrah AQ:21 Joshua - Elysium (bible story)
Death of Sisera AQ:21 Joshua - Elysium (bible story)
Jonah and the whale AQ:22 Joshua - Elysium (bible story)
The fall of Nimrod AQ:22 Joshua - Elysium (Sumeria)

Nude of Collette the cook AQ:12 Phillip Mason - none
Nude of Melissa the cook AQ:15 Phillip Mason - none
Nude of Carmen the Cook AQ:17 Phillip Mason - none
Aphrodite emerging nude from the sea AQ:17 Phillip mason - Elysium (Olympus/oceanus)
Nude of Giovanna the weaver AQ:19 Phillip Mason - none
Nude of Unice the Vintner AQ:21 Phillip Mason - none
Nude of Yasmine the huntress AQ:21 Phillip Mason - none
Hera queen of heaven- AQ:21 Phillip Mason prop in Gloriana's sanctum- Co, Re, In, Cr bonus (one per casting) +5 (too large to move practically) - Elysium (Olympus)
Artemis in repose - AQ:22 Phillip Mason - Elysium (Olympus)
Minerva, Queen of crafts - AQ:22 Phillip Mason - Elysium (Olympus)
Evandrus and the gnomes - AQ:23 Phillip Mason - Arcadia
Mother Nature - AQ:23 Phillip mason- prop +4 for Au, Aq, Ig, Te (one per casting) - Arcadia
ideal of beauty AQ:24 Phillip Mason - Arcadia
Gaia in splendor AQ:24 Phillip mason - Elysium (Olympus)
Diana at her Bath AQ:24 Phillip mason - Elysium (Olympus/woodlands)
The Stone Giant AQ:24 Phillip Mason - Arcadia
The stone Giantess: AQ:25 Phillip Mason - Arcadia
Galatea AQ:25 Phillip Mason- Elysium (Ancient Greece)
Cleopatra and Anthony AQ:25 Phillip Mason- Elysium (Egypt)

Hall of the Persphone etching AQ:15 Alexander - Elysium (Hades)
Hephastus at the forge sculpture AQ:16 Alexander - Elysium (Olympus)
The dwarven messanger sculpture AQ:17 Alexander - Arcadia
Evandrus faerie friend bronze sculpture AQ:18 Jaffari - Arcadia
clash of the elementals sculpture AQ:18 Alexander prop+4 Aq, Au, Ig, Te - Eudokia
Prometheus Bound in iron sculpture AQ:20 Alexander - Elysium (Olympus)
Talos conceived sculpture AQ:20 Alexander - Elysium (Olympus)
wings of Daedalus in bronze sculpture AQ:20 Alexander - Elysium (Labrynth)
Familial iron relief AQ:20 Jafari - Arcadia
Iron Dwarf - AQ:20 Jafari - Arcadia
Forging the lightning- AQ:21 Jafari - Elysium (Hephastus' Forge)
Iron butterfly - AQ:21 Jafari - none

Illuminations of magic illuminated manuscript Benjamin AQ:21 - none
glory of the skies illuminated manuscript Benjamin AQ:21 - Arcadia
glories of the seas illuminated manuscript Benjamin AQ:22 - Arcadia
glory of the mountains illuminated manuscript Benjamin AQ:22 - Arcadia
glory of the forests illuminated manuscript Benjamin AQ:22 - Arcadia
glory of the faeries illuminated manuscript Benjamin AQ:22 - Arcadia
battle of the textbook illuminated manuscript Benjamin AQ:23 - Arcadia

leaves in leather AQ:12 Omar
scenery of the Praesidium AQ:12 Omar
Dryad Glen AQ:13 Omar - Arcadia

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