Aurthor Ex Misc

Current Year: 1144
Name: Aurthor ex Misc
House: Ex Misc, The Praxologists
Age: 76 (39)
Decrepitude: 0(1)
Gender: Male
Born: 1068
Traits: Driven +6, Loyal to Ibis (from Bound) +3
Confidence: 1(97)
Warping: 4
Reputation: Skilled Parens 1 (Hermetic Magi), Performer of magical shows 1 (Calabria), Troublemaker 1 (Rome).

Characteristics: Int +5, Per +3, Pre +5, Com +5, Str 0, Sta +3, Dex +1, Qik +1(1).

Virtues: Good Teacher, Gentle Gift, Great Com x2, Subtle Magic, Performance Magic (Music), Book Learner, Cautious Sorcerer, Inventive Genius (Free), Comprehend Magic (Free), True Friend (Ibis)F, Improved Characteristics x5F, Puissant on Magic TheoryF, Affinity on Magic TheoryF. Puissant on MentemP
F: from Familiar, P: acquired in play
Flaws: Chaotic Magic (Free), Creative Block, Higher Purpose (Legacy of Knowledge), Lecherous (Major), Mistaken Identity (9 notches), No Sense of Direction, Small Frame

Abilities: Area Lore: Italy 1(5), Artes Liberales (Ritual Magic) 3(3), Athletics 2, Brawl 3, Carouse (drunken flirting) 1(2), Awareness 0(3), Bargain 1, Charm (nobility) 3(9), Code of Hermes (Scrying) 1(5), Comprehend Magic (Vis) 5(6), Concentration 1, Etiquette (first impression) 1(2), Faerie Lore 1, Finesse (Craft Magic) 4(11), Guile (complex lies) 2(9), Hyperborean (hymns) 4, Infernal Lore (Cults) 1(9), Intrigue (plots) 1; Italian 5, Latin (Hermetic Usage) 4(13), Leadership (Lab) 1(5), Magic Lore (Hedge Traditions) 4(7), Magic Theory (Experiment) 10(7)+2, Music (Flute) 1, Order of Hermes Lore (Schism War) 2(4), Parma magica (Ig) 5(3), Penetration (Ig) 1, Philosophiae (Ritual magic) 2(3), Teaching (One-on-One) 8(10); Theology (old Testament) 0(2).

Arts: Cr 15(13), In 18(16), Mu 14(8), Pe 15(3), Re 20(4)
Forms: An: 12(1) Au: 15(8), Aq: 6, Co: 13(2), He: 8(3), Ig: 6(1), Im: 6(3), Me: 15+3(2), Te: 11(4), Vi: 14(8)

Changes in Characteristics

Until 1122 no changes: Int +3, Per -2, Pre -2, Com +5, Str 0, Sta +1, Dex 0, Qik 0
In 1123 Ibis used its Grant Improved Characteristics power on Aurthor 3 times (expending 6 Herbam vis and 3 Confidence Points), new Characteristics: Pre 0 (from -2), Per +2 (from -2).
In 1124 Ibis used its Grant Improved Characteristics power on Aurthor 2 times (expending 6 Confidence Points), new Characteristics: Sta +2 (from +1), Pre +2, Qik +1
In 1126 Ibis used its Grant Improved Characteristics power on Aurthor 2 times (expending 6 Confidence Points), new Characteristics: Per +3, Sta +3
In 1134 Ibis used its Grant Improved Characteristics power on Aurthor and he partecipated in "The Hero Majesty" ritual: Pre +5.


At 1144 distribution: 34 Cr, 16 In, 16 Mu, 12 Pe, 3 Re, 1 Aq, 16 Co, 2 He, 6 Me, 12 Te, 24 Vi (4 infesta).


Resonant materials for 9 books (1 creo, 2 muto, 1 mentem, 2 corpus, 3 vim).
Lab texts not translated for magic items: Great Amulet of Protection, The Prodigious Plant Pot, Flute of Wonders, Teaching Mirror, Wand of Magical Bane, Wand of Infernal Bane, Wand of Faerie Bane.
Lab texts translated for spells: Sight of the transparent motive (InMe10), Peering in the mortal mind (InMe30), Incantation of summoning the dead (ReMe40), Stone tell of the mind that sits (InTe30), Circular ward against demons (ReVi20), Opening the intangible tunnel (ReVi20), Maintaining the demanding spell (ReVi30), The miner's keen eye (InTe20).
Insight lab texts: Defy the Hound of Cerberus, The Breath of Midas, Instant Feast of the Traveler, The Airy Companion.


In Magic Theory and Comprehend Magic abilities.

Longevity Ritual

+21 (by Evandrus)


Ibis, bound in 1123 with a ReVi LT: 19 Re + 13 Vi + 3 Int + 5 MT + 5 Aura + 3 Lab + 12 Aid from Lady A = 60
Cords: +3 Gold, 0 Silver, +3 Bronze.

Aurthor ex Misc – Life Story

Aurthor was lucky enough to have his Gift identified almost as soon as it manifested, and was given over to the Order by the orphanage. This saved him from a life on the streets of Rome, and instead set him towards a life of power and wealth. Lucky him. His parens was a Praxologist, although by that point they hadn't completely separated from the Legacy of Pralix. He believes it is his purpose to leave a mark on the Order's body of knowledge. He just isn't sure what it will be yet. He has entertained thoughts of a pile of new spells, an array of new books, one or more well trained apprentices, passing on his unique Hermetic skills to one or more apprentices, contributing to a breakthrough and other hazier ideas. Much to everyone's charagin people keep on mixing him up with someone else. This someone else is apparently a scoundrel, killer, and all around not nice person. Aurthor suspects this man has immunity to divination.


Their an off-shoot of the Legacy of Pralix. Its not completely clear how it started, but it seems like it was started by one maga or magus during the Schism War, who trained a whole bunch of apprentices. Long story short that first generation also had a penchant for training apprentices and that was enough for it to become a real off-shoot. Philosophically, the big difference is that Praxologists want to absorb new magical traditions, make them Hermetic and integrate anything useful, as opposed to the Legacy of Pralix which has more focus on preservation. Of course, most other people don't care and don't see any real difference between the two.
Virtues: Inventive Genius, Comprehend Magic
Flaw: Chaotic Magic

Hermetic Breakthroughs

Integration of Hyperborean Magic - Vis-less spells: 34 breakthroughs points (8 from "Defy the Hound of Cerberus" spell in 1131, 7 from "The Breath of Midas" spell in 1133, 7 from "Instant Feast of the Traveler" spell in 1135, 8 from "The Airy Companion" spell, 4 from "Gentle Touch of the Purified Body" spell).
Integration of Hyperborean Magic - Vis-less enchantment: Aurthor has the familiarity necessary to understand the lab texts stored in the vaults of the covenant.


Instant Feast of the Traveler CrAn(He) 35 (Vis-less)
The False Ritual of Fertility for Animals Cr(Re)An35
Clear Sight of the Naiad InAq5
Touch of the Pearls InAq5
Break the Oncoming Wave ReAq10
Chamber of Spring Breezes CrAu5
The Airy Companion CrAu 40 (Vis-less)
Bind Wounds CrCo10
Gentle Touch of the Purified Body CrCo20 (Vis-less)
Purification of the Festering Wounds CrCo20
Purify the Poisoned Hosts CrCo20
Severed Limb Made Whole CrCo 25
The Chirurgeon's Healing Ring CrCo25
Swindling the Reaper CrCo 40
The Inexorable Search InCo 20
Revealed Flaws of Mortal Flesh InCo 10
Spasms of the Uncontrolled Hand ReCo5
Lifting the Dangling Puppet ReCo10
Drift on Unseen Wings ReCo15
Endurance of the Berserkers ReCo15
Soar on Unseen Wings ReCo25
Leap of Homecoming ReCo35
Shriek of the Impending Shafts InHe15
Pilum of Fire CrIg20
Aura of Ennobled Presence MuIm10
Veil of Invisibility PeIm20
Wizard’s Sidestep ReIm10
Panic of the Trembling Heart CrMe15
Heart of the Lion – CrMe15
The Happy Flute CrMe 15
Rising Passion CrMe 15
Happiness for the Crowd CrMe 35
Sight of the transparent motive InMe10
Frosty Breath of the Spoken Lie InMe20
Posing the Silent Question InMe20
Peering in the mortal mind InMe30 Mastery 1 (Quiet casting)
Aura of Rightful Authority ReMe20
Coerce the spirit of the night ReMe20
Defy the Hound of Cerberus ReMe40 (Vis-less)
Incantation of summoning the dead ReMe40
The Breath of Midas CrTe 35 (Vis-less)
Statue Tell of the Mind that Touches InTe 35
Stone tell of the mind that sits InTe30
The miner's keen eye InTe20
Pit of the Gaping Earth PeTe15
Demon’s Eternal Oblivion PeVi5
Chirurgical Cut of the Mundane PeVi35 (the spell is described in the Library) Mastery 1(4) (Fast casting)
Aegis of the Hearth ReVi25
Gather the Essence Of The Beast Revi15
Circular ward against demons ReVi20
Maintaining the Demanding Spell ReVi30
Circle that Mantains the Demanding Spell ReVi40

New Spells

Magic Items



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