Book Exchange


The Redcaps maintain a scriptorium at Harco in addition to maintaining their own ledgers, and employ a large number of mundanes in the copying of academic, hermetic, and vernacular works which they sell through their network, providing a substantial income in terms of both vis and silver. The fact is not widely known outside the Roman Tribunal, where they prefer to allow gifted magi to believe they are simply making deliveries between peers. Inside the tribunal, however, the prices are pretty standardized- if a magus sells both a tractatus and the "cow" rights to a redcap "agent" they can expect to get 35 times the going rate for the tractatus alone- and may keep copies for themselves and their covenant which are otherwise bound by Calf and Cow. A commentary goes for 5 times its regular worth, unless it is a commentary on one of the authorities, in which case they will pay 10 times regular value. A summae will be purchased at 7 times the value of just the book.

Mundane books may be purchased for 1 pound of silver apiece, with the following works being readily available:

De Anima - Aristotle: Folk Ken Level 8 SQ: 12
Categories - Aristotle: Philosophae Level 3 SQ:27
On Interpretation - Aristotle:Philosophae Level 5 SQ:21
Prior Analytics - Aristotle:Philosophae Level 6 SQ 18
Posterior Analytics - Aristotle:Philosophae Level 7 SQ 15
Topics - Aristotle:Philosophae Level 8 SQ 12
On Sophistical Refutations - Aristotle:Philosophae Tractatus SQ:12
Meteorics - Aristotle: Area Lore (Mediteranean Region) Level 6 SQ:12
Metaphysics Book 1 - Aristotle - Magic Lore Level 3 SQ:27
Metaphysics Book 2 - Aristotle - Magic Lore Level 5 SQ:21
Metaphysics Book 3 - Aristotle - Magic Lore Level 6 SQ:18
Metaphysics Book 4 - Aristotle- Magic Lore Level 7 SQ: 15
Metaphysics Book 8 - Aristotle - Faerie Lore Level 3 SQ:27
Metaphysics Book 9 - Aristotle - Faerie Lore Level 5 SQ:21
Metaphysics Book 10 - Aristotle - Faerie Lore Level 6 SQ:18
Metaphysics Book 11 - Aristotle - Faerie Lore Level 7 SQ:15

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