Character Creation

Rules specific to this campaign regarding character creation:

  • Every character must be associated with the covenant with good reason, and be introduced to the timeline either from the beginning or when they would join:
    • Grogs will generally "join" at age 5 as children of covenfolk
    • Companions may "join" at age 5, or they may be from an associated organization (second son of merchant, nobility, etc. which works with the covenant
    • Magi begin at apprenticeship aside from the "seed" magi established in 1100 AD

Familiars advance with no penalty for might.

Characters may be magical or faerie. Faerie characters are assumed to come to the covenant seeking vitality, and are therefore exempt from having to explain a reason for their presence. All faerie characters are companions.

For purposes of creating magical characters, the game is considered to be medium power level.

For determining Faerie pretenses the average age of a magus is presumed to be 120.

Special rules exist for certain categories of characters:
Characters created by fertility rituals

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