Year: 1126

Magic Cat
Name: Clawball
Size: -3
Essential Trait: Cat+3
Traits: Gluttony+6, Arrogant+2
Season: Summer
Might: 10 (co)
Confidence: 1 (3)
Magical Qualities: personal power- human transformation (ROP-M p.39), improved damage x6 (claws), healing (ritualx2 ROP-M p. 39), hands of the magical animal (personal power ROP-M p.39), improved soak, gift of speech
Magical Inferiorities: acclimation prone
Qualities: Ambush Predator, Crafty, Good Jumper, Skilled Climber, Thick Fur
Characteristics: Dex+3 Qik+4 Str:-7 Sta+1 Per:+1 Int+3 Com-4 Pre-2
Virtues: perfect balance, sharp ears, puissent awareness, Magic Animal, Unaffected by the Gift, improved characteristics
Flaws: Nocturnal, Greedy (Major), magical friend
Abilities: Athletics 3 (Climbing), Awareness 4+2 (Mice), Brawl 5 (Claws), Hunt 4 (Mice), Stealth 4 (Mice) , Charm 2 (Appearing Cute), Italian 2 (Begging), Guile 5 (Appearing Harmless), French 5, Latin 5, Magic Theory 7 (Spells) [16]

Claws: Init+3 Attack+15 Defense+13 Damage-1

Fluff: Clawball looks like a normal cat despite his mystical power. He is black, with white paws. When tracking him one may find he appears to make larger claw marks than he should. He has the power to banish human injury, or cause it. He is awfully arrogant, and absolutely loves to eat.

Great Claw-Perdo Corpus-50
Might Cost: 0, Init-1
Range: Sight Duration: Mom, Target: Ind
The Great Claw power inflicts a wound upon a human target. The wound can be as severe or as minor as Clawball wishes, ranging from superficial damage too an instantly lethal wound or any severity in between. The wound always appears to be from a claw or claws of some creature.
Base 30 +1 Variability +3 Sight, Greater Power 50 levels, 5 Mastery Points to reduce cost.

Human Shape - MuAn
Might Cost 0, Init+2
R: Per D: Sun T: Ind
See: Realms of Power: Magic Pg39
Personal Power 20 levels, -2 cost

Chase Away Ills – Creo Co
Might Cost: 0 Init+1
Range: Touch, Duration: Moon, Target: Ind
The targeted human gains a +15 to recovery rolls. The recovery time is counted from when this power is applied.
Base 10 +1 touch +3 Moon -3 Might Cost

Advancement - familiar bond:
French (75), Latin (75),

1105 Summer: 30xp M.T. from being taught by Evan
1107 Summer, Autumn 66xp M.T. from being taught by Evan
1125: Spring: Read with Evandrus 16xp MT, Summer: Read with Evandrus 16MT xp Fall: Get taught by Evandrus 28xp MT winter: Be lazy

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