3 Defixio from Cult of Pluto, 2 Defixio Cult of Proserpina, (4 of them from 1125 adventure), 1 from the Cult of Ceres (1128 adventure), 3 more from the Cult of Ceres (1130 adventure)
Hyperborean Hymn - Defy the Hound of Cerberus (Ancient Greek)
Fertility Rites research/site - 5 pawns of creo vis which is embedded in small figurines of women, some pregnant others over-sexualized, some it is uncertain which is being attempted. The cave also contains drawings of animals mating, and what appears to have been at least partial inspiration for the cultists ritual, involving a group of people involved in copulating, though on closer inspection not all of them are actually participating.
You also find a set of untranslated lab texts from a Mario of Bonisagus, whose body suggests he was killed by these cultists some years ago.
Fire Quencher (Heron's Mechanica), functional (PeIg 19 device)
Thunder Maker (Heron's Mechanica), functional (CrAu 19 device)
Aeolipile (Heron's Mechanica), functional (CrMe 33 device)
Metrica, Artes Liberales Tractatus Level 7, Mechanica of Heron Tractatus Quality 10 in Ancient Greek - translated
Automaton Theatre Mechanica of Heron Tractatus Quality 9, in Ancient Greek
•summae on ancient Pictish written in modern Greek L:5 Q:20
•tractatus on magic lore, Q:14, written in ancient Geek - translated
•summae on theology:Gruagratch L:4 Q:12, written in Ancient Pictish
•summae written in ancient Greek to learn ancient hyperborean level 4 quality 16 (28 BP), along with a set of lab notes for a lost magic system written in ancient hyperborean (30 BP)
the ghost of the mirror: a hyperborean magus, trapped in spirit form and bound to the mirror to preserve him as his body wasted away. The spirit only speaks hyperborean and reacts emotionally rather than rationally, so while you cannot reach an agreement with him he can still be used as a source of inspiration, possibly multiple times. You can also spend a season with him as "immersion" in ancient hyperborean or ancient Greek.
•Unenriched Objects of Virtue (obtained in 1129 War & 1133 Commerce campaigns): 2 Clam Shell, 2 Topaz, 1 Jet, 2 Mercury of Virtue, 2 Basalt of Virtue, 1 Granite of Virtue
•Fixed arcane connection to the ancient dragon enemy of the covenant (1136 adventure)
Hyperborean enchanted tapestry (Interrogation of Asclepius, Lifting Apollo's Curse, Apollo's Soothing relief)
Belopoetica, AM p.81, Philosophae tractatus Q7, source for Mechanica of Heron Insight, in Ancient Greek
Book of charms:A worn book, badly damaged by the elements, in Italian with only readable 100 levels of Charms: Charm of the City Lord (SuFa 30) (Grants Ways of the Town, R:Personal,D:Sun,T:Ind), Gift of Venus (SuFa 25) (Grants Gift of Venus, R:T,D:Sun,T:Ind), Gift of Prometheus (SuFa 25) (Grants Good Teacher, R:T,D:Sun,T:Ind), Gift of Achilles (SuFa 20) (Grants Puissant with Single Weapon, R:T,D:Diam,T:Ind) 2 BPs ;
Learned Magician Lab Text for chartae for Astronomy Magister (SuFa 35) (Grants Puissant with Artes Liberales, R:Personal,D:Season,T:Ind)
Learned Magician Lab Text for chartae for Student of the Arts (SuFa 35) (Grants affinity with Artes Liberales, R:Personal,D:Season,T:Ind)
Initiation script for Fortunum in the Learned Magician tradition +14
Initiation script for Entreat the divine powers in the Learned Magician tradition +14
Hyperborean hyms, Demeter’s Blessing and Bestow Fecundity, both of 35th level in hyperborean
250 levels of non-hermetic lab texts in Egyptian


medicinal herb collection from witches: He Level 12
Rock sample collection: Te level 8
covenant art collection: Im level 7

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