Enchanted Items

Hospitaller's Vigil

CrCo 24
Pen 0 Const. Effect
R:Touch, D:Sun, T:Ind
If the shroud of the healed body is worn for the duration of a wound or sickness, the wearer adds +12 to his recovery rolls.

(Base 5, +1 touch, +2 sun, +1 2/day, +3 environmental trigger: sunrise/set)

Ship’s Bane

CrIg 30
This enchanted longbow can be used normally, but if a command work is spoken and the bow fired without an arrow, it casts Pilum of Fire at the target.
Level 30: Base 20 (Pilum of Fire) + 10 (unlimited use).

Token of the Harvest evening:

This item is placed inside the granary chest to keep the grain from going moldy/stale

Freshness of the harvest evening
CrHe 19
Pen 0 Const. Effect
R:Touch, D:Sun, T:Room
All plant material kept in the same room as the token of the harvest evening is preserved from decay and rot until either the plant material or the token is removed from the room.
(Base 2, +1 touch, +2 sun, +2 Room, +1 two activations per day, +3 environmental trigger)

Brick of Hardened Stone

MuTe 44
This Brick, fashioned for the outer wall of the Covenant, hardens the stone to be virtually indestructible.
The base effect is level 4, Range is touch (+1), target structure (+3) Duration Sun (+2) Two uses per day and environmental trigger of Sunrise/Sunset so the the effect is constant this adds 4 levels, plus an addition two magnitude for it affect

The invisible loom

ReHe 40
This item will spin all cotton in the same room it is in into thread, an unlimited number of times per day.
This is base effect:15, range is touch (1), target:room (+2) duration: moment, unlimited imes per day +10

Suspicious Wand of Flame

CrIg - 30
0 Penetration, Unlimited
Range: Voice Duration: Conc Target: Ind
This creates a small fire, up to the size of a campfire. This fire requires no fuel, and is not "attached" to anything. It inflicts +5 damage if anyone is burned by it. This is a brass wand, and it is activated with a flicking motion.
Base 4 +2 Voice +1 Conc ,+5 levels item maintains concentration, +10 levels Unlimited Uses per day.

Wand of Silent Words

CrMe - 10
0 penetration, 3 times/day
range: sight
allows the caster to say 2 words directly into the mind of the target

Wand of food spoilage

PeHe - 10
base 3, range sight (+3)
spoils any one meal, once per day

Looking glass of Intelligo Vis

InVi - 14

The Hunger

Excellent Longsword with
PeCo(An) 15 Inflict Heavy Wound
R:Touch, D:Mom, T:Ind +3 Size, +46 Penetration (23), Unlimited uses/day (10) +3 Linked Trigger (73 levels);
continually detects human or animal blood at touch range InCo(An)
Base 3 R:P, D:Sun, T:Touch, 2 uses/day +1, environmental trigger +3 (14 levels)

Charm of Alacritous fortune Against Earth

Learned Magician charged object, 10 charges
adds +4 to defense rolls against any magical earth or stone based attacks
duration:1 season

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