Name: Fang
Year: 1144
Gender: Male
Season: Summer
Personality Traits: Bloodthirsty+2, Glutton+3, Curious+3
Essential Traits: Rapacious+3
Reputation: Bloodthirsty (local) 4
Confidence 1 (30)
Size: -1
Characteristics: Int:+2 Per:+1 Pre:+1 Com:+1 Str:-1 Sta:+5 Dex:+3 Qik:+3
Virtues: Long-Winded, Sharp Ears, Unaffected by the Gift
Virtues from Magical Qualities: Improved Characteristics*5, Great Stamina, Great Stamina
Flaws: Greedy (Minor), Infamous, Nocturnal (Minor), Magical Friend
Magical Qualities: Improved Toughness, Gift of Speech, Personal Power (Human Shape), Personal Power (Hands of the Magical Animal), Personal Power (Flight of the Hummingbird) Greater Power (Gaze of the Wolf), Lesser Power (Nip), Improved Power*2, Minor Virtue: Improved Characteristics*5, Minor Virtue: Great Stamina*2, Improved Stamina [15/30]
Magical Inferiorities: Reduced Might
Abilities: Italian 5, Athletics 5 (distance running) [6], Artes Liberales 1 (Writing systems) [2], Awareness 3 (smell) [4}, Bargain 1 (meat), Brawl 5 (teeth) [27], Carouse 2 (Getting Drunk) [10], Charm 2 (Anna) [10], Code of Hermes 2 [5], Church Lore 1 [1] [5], Etiquette 1 (First Impressions) [9], Hunt 4 (track by smell) [8], Infernal Lore 1 (Auras) [0], Intrigue 2 [10], Faerie Lore 1 (wolves), Finesse 2 [6] Folk Ken 2 (blatant lies) [6], Leadership 1 [5], Magic Lore 1 (Wolves), Magic Theory 7 (Experimentation) [36] Survival 3 (winter) [5], Stealth 3 (Forests) [0], Teaching 3 (Magical Qualities) [15]

Gaze of the Wolf – ReCo(An)
0 points, Init+1
R: Sight D: Conc T: Group
The targeted group of animals or people is held motionless, as long as the wolf concentrates and holds them in its gaze. Note that the targets do NOT need to see the wolf’s gaze or even be aware of the wolf!
Base 5 +3 sight +1 conc +2 group +1 Req, 10 levels to mastery points 4 mastery points spend on reduced might cost. 3 mastery points spend on increased initiative

Nip – PeCo(An)
0 points, Init-3
R: Sight D: Mom T: Ind
The target suffers a light wound, apparently from a bite. Affects both animals and humans.
Base 5 +3 sight +1 req, 5 mastery points spend on reduced might cost

Human Shape – Pg 39 RoP: Magic, 1 point, Init+0
Hands of the Magical Animal Pg 39 RoP: Magic, Constant, 0 point, Init+0
Flight of the Hummingbird Pg 39 RoP: Magic, Constant, 0 point, Init+0

Life Story: Fang is from a magical wolf pack. He doesn’t know how long he’s been alive or his pack has been around, but he and his pack have only been truly intelligent for a few winters. The change happened after the group feasted on a number of magical humans. In the months, afterwards the wolves of the pack gained intelligence, speech and the ability to take human shape. They prefer not to hunt humans now, but most of them are still content to live as they have otherwise.

Fang however wants to explore the world. He wants to get a chance to use this new intelligence to understand the world. He wants to see what is out there.

Design Notes: Characteristics were taken from the Wolf in RoP:M. Strength has a base of +1 and Quick also has a base of +1 before size adjustments. By setting intelligence to -1
Virtues and flaws were taken from the Wolf as well. However, improved characteristic virtue was not taken because the characteristics didn’t require it. The compulsion to kill was downgraded to a bloodthirsty personality trait. Additional flaws and virtues were added to taste.
Magical Qualities were added to taste. Gaze of the Wolf was inspired by the short entry about wolves of virtue in RoP:M
Abilities were taken from the Wolf entry in RoP:M. Extra abilities were added to finish out the xp spending.



Spring: Nope
Summer: Get taught Magic Theory by Anna Q19
Fall: Adventure with Anna, 5xp charm, 5xp Faerie Lore, 5xp Etiq, 1xp Folk ken
Winter: Hang out while Anna reads a book


Spring: Watch Anna read, chase tail 0xp
Summer: Adventure! Infernal Lore 3xp, Leadership 5xp, Folk Ken 5xp, Intrigue 5xp, M.T. 5xp, Brawl 5xp, Charm 5xp
Fall: Watch Anna write, eat rabbits 0xp
Winter: Magic theory 2xp


Spring: adventures with Anna 5xp carouse, 5xp etiquette, 5 xp charm, 2xp intrigue
Summer: Watch Anna Read
Fall: Get taught Magic Theory by Anna Q21


Spring: Be lazy
Summer: Be Lazy
Fall: Adventure: 5xp transformation: Minor Virtue, 2xp Infernal Lore
Winter: Adventure: 5xp transformation: Minor Virtue, 3xp church lore


Spring: Be lazy
Summer: Adventures: Charm 5xp, Brawl 5x, Magic Lore 5xp, Church Lore 5xp, Carouse 5xp, Folk Ken 5xp
Fall: Be Lazy
Winter: help in lab 2xp MT


Spring: Chase Rabbits
Summer: Chase Squirrels
Fall: Be Lazy
Winter: Chase Tail


Spring: Watch Anna Read
Summer: Adventures, 38xp! 5xp transformation Minor Virtue: Great Stamina, Brawl 5xp, Carouse 5xp, Intrigue 5xp, leadership 5xp Athletics 5xp, folk ken 5xp, hunt 3xp,
Fall: Watch Anna Read
Winter: Assist in Lab 2xp MT


Spring: Assist in Lab 2xp MT
Summer: Chase tail while Anna practices
Fall: Watch Anna Read
Winter: Adventures 15xp 5xp transformation Minor Virtue: Great Stamina, 5xp brawl, 5xp athletics


Spring: Watch anna read
Summer: Get taught Mmagic theory, 17xp magic theory
Fall: Watch anna read
Winter: Adventures! 36xp: 5xp brawl, 5xp charm, 5xp folk ken, 5xp bargain, 5xp intrigue, 5xp carouse, 1xp church lore, transformation 5xp minor virtue: great stamina


Learns nothing the entire year!


Spring: Adventure, 8xp 5xp transformation (minor virtue: Great Stamina), 3xp Artes Lib
Summer: Adventure 14xp 5xp transformation (minor Virtue: Improved Char), 5xp intrigue, 4xp a.l.
Fall: Teaching 22xp
Winter: Finesse 21x


Spring: Assist in lab 2xp MT
Summer: Adventure! 4xp awareness, 5xp church lore, 5xp transformation (Minor virtue, improved characteristics)


Spring: Adventures 7xp - 5xp transformation (Minor Virtue, Improved Char), 2xp infernal lore
Summer: Adventures 15xp - 5xp transformation (Minor Virtue, Improved Char) 5xp intrigue, 5xp carouse
Fall: Lazy
Winter: Lazy


Spring: Adventures 25xp - 5xp transformation (Minor Virtue, Improved Char), 5xp stealth, 5xp athletics, 5xp survival, 5xp hunt
Summer: Lazy
Fall: Adventures 6xp 5xp transformation (Minor Virtue, Improved Char), 1xp brawl
Winter: Lazy


Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter: Be lazy, nothing of value accomplished.


Spring: Adventure 26xp, 5xp transformation Improved Stamina 5xp Church Lore, 5xp Cannon Law, 5xp Intrigue, 5xp Magic Lore, 1xp Awareness
Summer: Be lazy
Fall: Be lazy
Winter: 5xp transformation Improved Stamina


Spring: Lab Assistance MT2xp
Summer: Adventure, 5xp transformation: improved stamina 1xp brawl
Fall: Be lazy
Winter: Be lazy


Spring: Adventure: Transformation (Improved Characteristics) 5xp
Summer: Get taught Teaching by Blossom 23xp
Fall: Get taught MT by Markus 25xp
Winter: Adventure: Transformation (Improved Characteristics) 5xp


Spring: MT class from Markus Q28
Summer: Lazy
Fall: Lazy
Winter: Lazy


Spring: Assist Anna in lab 2xp mt
Summer: Assist Anna in lab 2xp mt
Fall: Lazy
Winter: Magic Theory class Q28


Spring: Adventure, 4xp etiquette
Summer: Magic Theory 26xp
Fall: Chase tail 0xp
Winter: Be lazy 0xp


Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter: Watch Anna and be lazy 0xp

Spring: Lazy
Summer: lazy
Fall: Read Trianoma's Legacy Code of Hermes Lore L5Q20 along with Anna 20xp code of hermes
Winter: Help in lab 2xp MT

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