General Rules


Warping is tracked per realm rather than generically. Warping 11 indicates transformation into a being of that realm- Infernal means you are dragged to Hell. Divine you ascend to heaven. Magic you will soon be in final twilight if a mage or a creature of magic otherwise. Faerie you become faerie (which at least keeps you in the game…) Merinita mages may designate some of their warping during character creation as faerie, otherwise it is generally presumed to be magic.

Labor points and Apprentices (assistants)

Labor points an covenfolk craftsperson generates are equal to 3*(ability+attribute) per season. With the exception of (non-hermetic)apprentices (see below) covenfolk will only work 2 seasons per year.
It requires 36 labor points per year to provide the standard savings to the covenant. Labor points beyond this accrue by type of labor from year to year. Characters who cannot generate 36 labor points per year are either assistants or apprentices (usually apprentices), not craftsmen, and count as servants in terms of support (excepting magical/faerie characters who do not require support)
Non-hermetic Apprentices or assistants add 1/2 their ability to another craftsman's ability. There can only be 1 apprentice or assistant for every 5 craftspeople- rounding up, which are subsumed into the covenant's requirement of servants.

spending labor points

Surplus labor points within a craft at be spent as follows:
18 labor points can be traded for 1/4 of the savings from 1 individual in the category of work by selling surplus trade goods.
workshops may be upgraded in innovation, providing a +1 bonus for 100 labor points, a +2 for an additional 200 labor points (300 total) or +3 for an additional 300 labor points (600 total)
supplies may be upgraded for half of the above values, but this increases the labor points required to sustain output per character by 5 labor points per year.
18 labor points may cover one workperson being diverted for one season to a different project, including the season required to upgrade the workshop.
labor points may be donated to charity, providing benefits to reputation and the ability to call upon those the charity assists for support
Commodity speculation (10% annual return)

purchasing labor points

Labor points may be purchased as an investment in the workshop at the same exchange rate by which money is generated from labor points.

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