Mother Rabbit

Gloriana's familiar, Mother Rabbit is a Creo might 50 magical rabbit

Int 2 Per 3
Pre 0 Com -5
Str -7 Sta 3
Dex 2 Quick 2

size: -3

Confidence 2(14)

Bond Cords: Bronze 2, Silver 0, Gold 5

True Friend Gloriana +3, Lecherous +3, Motherly +3, Concerned about offspring +3, Rabbit +3*, Wary of predators +3

Virtues: good characteristics, unaffected by the gift, magical master(Rabbits), magical animal, self confident

Flaws: magical friend, lecherous, non-combatant, poor comx2

Abilities: brawl(dodging) 4 (10), survival(Forests) 6, Second Sight 1(spirits), awareness(predators) 6 (5), athletics(Jumping) 3, stealth(hiding) 6 (5), teaching(loved ones) 8+2 (10), fertility cult theory(Teaching) 5 (1), magic lore(Creatures) 6 (5), concentration() 2, penetration(Granting Flaws) 2 (5), finesse() 1, Magic Theory (Creo) 4(1), Order of Hermes Lore 1(History), Dead Language: Latin 5(Hermetic usage)M, Living Language: Arabic 5(storytelling)M

M from bond

Magical qualities: lesser power (ease childbirth), lesser power (send to safety), ritual power (grant apt student), improved powers (init send to safety)x3, vis mastery, fatigue mastery, improved recovery, improved defense (dodge)x5, grant lecherousness (major), grant Venus blessing, grant curse of venus, grant grows quickly, grant luck, personal power (clarity of meaning)x2, good teacher, affinity for teaching, puissent teaching, second sight, grant compulsion (sex)

Ease childbirth: grants a +6 to childbirthing rolls, (base 5, range:touch, duration moon, target individual) CrCo:25 cost:5

Send to safety: transports an individual person or animal up to 5 paces instantly, initiative:7, cost 5
(base:10, range:sight, duration:moment, target:individual)

clarity of meaning: increases the rabbit's own com by +1, up to +1
(base:35, range:self, duration:constant, target individual)
might cost:5

1123: Spring binding! + 2 MTheory/Summer: adventures! 36 points: Brawl 5, Awareness 5, Stealth 5, Teaching 5(7), Magic Lore 5, Penetration 5, Order of Hermes Lore 5, 1 Fertility Cult Theory/ Fall +13 MT/Winter +17 MT training
1124: Spring adventure! +7 xp, 5 to Brawl, 2(3) Teaching/Summer +2 MT/Fall rut with abandon, have many rabbits, try to teach them the ills of the world, no xp/Winter :Train MT +17

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