Raz Ex Misc

Name: Raz
Year: 1145 Born: Early 1125
Age: 20
Confidence: 1 (5)
Gender: Female
Personality Traits: Daydreams+1, Secretive+3, Caring+2
Characteristics: Com+1 Int+2 Pre+5 Per+0 Dex+0 Sta-2 Str+0 Qik+0
Virtues: The Gift, Affinity for Cult Lore, Affinity for Magic Theory, Apt Student, Unaging, Great Presence*2, Premonitions (Divine), Puissant with Cult Lore, Puissant with Magic Theory, Venus's Blessing
Virtues Learned in Play: Gentle Gift, Subtle Magic, Cautious Sorcerer
Flaws: Difficult Longevity Ritual, Secretive, Raised in a Gutter, Twilight Prone, Incompatible Arts (PeAn, PeHe), Uncertain Faith
Abilities: Italian 5, Latin 3 (Hermetic), Area Lore (Italy) 1, Athletics 2, Awareness 2, Brawl 3, Carouse 2, Charm 3, Folk Ken 2, Intrigue 2 [4], Legerdemain 2, Leadership 3 (thugs), Premonitions 4, Stealth 2

Raz is basically a street rat turned criminal. Abandoned by her parents at an early age, and forced to survive on her own she has picked up a smattering of tricks. Her saving grace was learning how to get premonitions of danger. Her premonitions don't always work, but its enough that a robin-hood type criminal is willing to use her. She makes a decent leader of a pack of thugs too although she's only done that rarely. She's heard vague distorted stories of an order of magi. She thinks it would be amazing if a handsome, rich, powerful wizard took her in and made her his apprentice, but she knows things like that don't happen in the real world. Or at least almost never…

Adventures and Life of Raz



Spring: Be Found 2xp Charm
Summer: Be opened
Fall: Practice Latin 8xp
Winter: Learn Gentle Gift


Spring: Learn Latin 20xp
Summer: Tribunal! 5xp italy lore, 4xp intrigue
Fall: Learn Subtle Magic
Winter: Learn Cautious Sorcerer

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