Vis Sources

Vis Sources


4 pawns in spring pouring water over the altar stone
4 pawns from harvesting maggots from animal carcasses in the temple area in the summer.
4 pawns from fish roe gathered from a shallow pool in the spring.


4 pawns from condensation on one of the windows in the covenant library. Investigation revealed that the stones forming the frame came from the stones scavenged near the ruins. Attempts to duplicate the effect have proven fruitless up to this point.


4 pawns: The Chrysalis of Rebirth: Each year a bunch of caterpillars nest in a field of wildflowers a ways off form the covenants, after the butterflies burst forth there are leftover cocoons that didn't hatch that contain muto vis
8 pawns: The Crystal of Every Color: A crystal the size of a fist that emits light of a continuously changing color. The crystal produces 2 pawns of Muto vis each season. Obtained in 1134 adventure.


4 pawns in autumn pouring water over alter stone
1 pawn from clay buried near the covenant wall
2 pawns/ yr mushrooms from the ever rotting wolf
3 pawns/yr from the black skull


4 pawns from leaves from laurel tree in nearby ruins woven into midsummer crown- area has been granted as a resource to the covenant, originally as a source for stone
4 pawns: During the highest tide in the spring, a jellyfish swarm can be found quite close to shore, and two of these creatures contain 2 pawns each of Rego vis. Swarms have been sighted during other high tides, but the vis is only present during the highest tide. Of course, care must be taken in harvesting the jellyfish, as their sting can cause a painful rash that lasts for several hours.


3 pawns hive of honey
5 pawns from The Grave of Bones (a cave in Aspromonte where sick and old animals go to die, obtained in 1136 adventure)


4 pawns in spring from tidal pool, first full moon in spring. Covenant negotiated right to use spring while traveling through the area, with an exclusive reservation for the first month of spring.


8 pawns: A pool located in the covenant regio contains Corpus vis after someone bathes in the water. (2 pawns per season)
3 pawns divine: Icon of Mary-Every Ash Wednesday this small statue of Mary cries blood for three days. The blood is Divinely Aspected Corpus Vis.
3 pawns: blood roses Three "roses" grow in the spot where Evandrus's lab once occupied each Fall. Their stems are bone and their white leaves are soaked in blood. Each is a pawn of corpus vis.


3 pawns: strange statuette: Produces three rubies a year. Each is one Ig vis. This is a small silver statuette of some unknown creature.


4 pawns: Mallorn Dandelions: A hill outside the covenant with a small faerie aura grows thick with dandelion blossoms each spring, if left to age until the winter solstice they contain herbam vis


4pawns: book of pictures, Each summer four fantastical pictures appear in this steel bound book. Each picture is 1 Im vis. Extracting or using the vis causes the picture to disappear.


4 pawns: Howling of the Winds: Basically strange faerie magic, centuries ago a faerie was killed by her son, taking another mother to that shore at some point in the year leads them to sob uncontrollably, harvesting their tears contain mentem vis
2 pawns: haunted mirror: when hung in an active lab provides 2 mentem per year but gives lab the haunted flaw


4 pawns: The Rock Shepherd: A rock elemental fell in love with a water elemental, one day he found the water elemental had dried up as a result of a human mill, each year at the end of winter he takes a pilgrimage and places one of he best rocks in the empty stream, the next day the rock can be harvested for terram vis.
4 pawns: At some point during the year, a severe thunderstorm rolls through the coast, and lightning strikes a nearby sandy beach. The resulting "glass" contains four pawns of Terram vis.
2 pawns: cave of crystals: This small, easily accessed Regio occasionally drops Terram vis from the ceiling. 2 pawns per year fall in the form of a glowing crystal that looks a bit like quartz. The entrance to this Regio is one face of a boulder. To enter simply walk briskly into the entrance.
3 pawns: purse of infinite coins: Every year during the summer solstice three silver coins appear within the purse. Each is a source of terram vis
2 pawns: The dwarven pickaxe- used to mine any stone it will invest a portion of it with 2 pawns of faerie vis per year.


5 pawns: Ruined Temple of Siderno: This ancient temple leaks vim vis into the moss which grows upon its altar.
4 pawns: a hawthorn shrub in the woods near the covenant, that at spring produces a handful of golden fruits containing vim vis. Granted by the Mercere House in 1128.

Creo Herbam dedicated vis

3 pawns Wooden Shard of Spring-Vis Source: 3 pawns of dedicated vis CrHe, this was obtained in 1110, so first harvest should be 1111.
This is a large shard of wood that grows three three (3) Flowers each spring. Each one flower is a dedicated pawn of CrHe vis.

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