Anna Fieldsman

Year: 1132

Name: Anna Fieldsman
Age: 43 Apparent Age: 20
Warping: 2 [3]
Traits: Fear of Fire +6 Curious+2
Confidence: 1 (74)
Reputation: Strong Noblewoman+1 (8) Demon Killer+2 (2), Naive Heiress +1 (1)
Hierarchy: 2
Sympathy Traits: Fire-3
Characteristics: Com+5 Int+5 Pre+2 Per+1 Sta+5* Str+0 Dex+0 Qik+0
*Increased in play
Virtues: Death Prophecy (“You will burn to death”), Apt Student, Good Teacher, Book Learner, Great Com*2, Unaging(Dominion), Second Sight (Dominion), The Gift, Gentle Gift*, Cautious Sorcerer*, Sorcerous Music*, Inventive Genius (Free), Comprehend Magic (Free), Strong Characteristic*4* Fertility Magic*
*Gained in Play
Flaws: Fear (Fire, Major), Creative Block, Heir, 2*Incompatible Arts (IgIn, IgMu, IgPe, IgRe), Faerie Antipathy (Major), Chaotic Magic(Free)
Abilities: Italian 5, Latin 5 (Hermetic Usage), Artes Liberales 4 (Ceremonial Magic) [6], Athletics 2 (Running) [5], Awareness 3 [3] (Fires), Brawl 2 (Dodge) [0], Carouse 2 (Staying Sober) [10], Civil & Canon Law 1 (Bluffs) [2], Charm 4 (Men) [1], Church Lore 3 (Movers and Shakers) [16], Comprehend Magic 3 (Vis) Folk Ken 3 (Men) [1], Etiquette 4 [14] (First Impressions), Faerie Lore 1 (Tricks) [5], Guile 1 (Men), Hunt 0 [3] (As a pack), Infernal Lore 1 (Auras) [9], Intrigue 3 (Mundane Plots) [2], Leadership 2 (Lab Work) [0], Magic Theory 8 [5] (Experiments), Magic Lore 1 (Wolves) [5], Music 1 (Sorcerous Music) [3], Order of Hermes Lore 1 (Italy), Stealth (Cities) 2, Second Sight 4 [10] (Demons), Parma Magic 3 [4](Ig) Premonitions 3 [9] (Fire), Teaching 1 (One-on-One) [4]

Mastery Abilities: Holy Arrow 1 (Multicast), Lesser Cutting Gust 1 (Multicast), Maga's Blade 1 (Multicast)
Arts: Creo: 13 [12] Int: 6[2] Mu:8 [8] Pe: 8[7] Re: 14 [8]
An: 6[2] Aq:8 [5] Au: 12[9] Co: 7[3] He: 6 Ig: 11 [2] Im: 6 [3] Me:6[2] Te:14 [8] Vi: 10 [8]





Dagger of Ice pg 35 Societies - Cr(Re)Aq: 10

Custom Inventions

Invisible Ballista - ReTe - 20
R:Touch D:Mom TIndividual
Hurls of a size that could be thrown with a sling at a target at extreme speeds. An aiming roll is required to hit the target with a range increment of 20 paces, but magic resistance does not protect the target. The stone does +15 damage if it hits.
Base 15 +1 touch

Holy Arrow - PeVi 15
R: Sight D: Mom T:Ind
The targeted demon loses 10 points of might.
Base 4 +3 sight

Lesser Purification of Wounds - CrCo 15
R: Touch D: Moon T: Ind
The target gains a +6 bonus to Recovery rolls to recover from injuries or diseases, as long as he has been under the influence of this spell for the whole of the recovery interval. The recovery interval is counted from the time that the spell is cast; any previous time is ignored.
Base 3 +1 Touch +3 Moon

Lesser Cutting Gust - MuAu(Cr) - 25
R: Sight D: Mom T: Ind
This spell creates a single magical gust of wind. This wind is unnaturally transformed to be abrasive, cutting those caught within, inflicting +5 damage. The wind can be up to 100 paces across.
Base 5 + 3 sight + 1 req

Maga's blade
Cr(Re)Te 30
R: Sight, D: Inst, T: Ind
A blade of steel materializes in the air and streaks into the target doing +15 damage.
(Base 10, +3 Sight, +1 Re)


Three Wand of Light: One is used to light her lab, one is at her family estates, and one is on loan to the covenant library
One Wand of Cleaning: This is used in Anna's lab.


1 Rego, 1 Corpus, 5 Perdo, 8 Aq, 5 Terram, 2 Faerie Creo Vis, 6 Creo, 2 Intellego, 2 Muto

Familiar and Bond

Familiar: Fang
Bond(MuCo): 30 Strength, 0 Golden, 0 Silver, 3 Bronze

Twilight Scars

Anna and her clothes are constantly clean. If something dirties them (for example being splashed with mud) the majority always misses her and will wear away within a diameter or two, leaving no stains on her or her clothing.


Rival Noble - Anna has a rival noble who hates her for unraveling one of his plots. Anna took quite a while to realize she had ever angered this noble. Not because the noble is being secretive or anything, she just hasn't considered him important enough to pay attention too.
Notches: Fall 1117, Winter 1121, Spring 1124, Summer 1129
False Evidence: A priest and ally of Anna's rival nobles is collecting evidence against her. Probably quite a few innocent facts that can be twisted into a foul light with just a dash of lies too. Infernal involvement is suspected.


Faerie Lore
Church Lore
Magic Theory

Story: Anna is the so called “odd” child of the Romano family. She's the oldest daughter and her brothers are all dead which means she stands to inherit land and wealth. Furthermore, her mother is dead, and its unclear if her father will take another wife, but it doesn't seem likely. The Romano family is cursed. When they put a Faerie witch to “death” by burning at the stake, the faerie cursed the whole family to burn to death.

At first the Romano family laughed it off, but after losing three kids and the mother to flames they take it seriously.

Anna is also Gifted, and Aurthor convinced her father that letting her become a maga would be her best chance at beating the curse.

Anna is of course terrified of fire. Her father has banned fire from their land as well. It makes them all very strange to people who don't know their history.

Notes: I intend to convert the child virtues were converted to Unaging, and Second Sight
Associated Characters:
Her Parens: Aurthor ex Misc


Magic Theory for Apprentices, vol.1
Magic Theory, Tractatus Q14

Rego For Apprentices, vol. 1
Rego, Tractatus Q14

Mentum For Apprentices, vol.1
Mentum, Tractatus Q14
Animals for Apprentices, vol.1
Animal, Tractatus Q14

Air Magic For Apprentices, vol.1
Au, Tractatus Q14
Perdo For Apprentices, vol.1
Perdo, Tractatus Q14
Premonitions for Future Apprentices
Premonitions(Magic), Tractatus Q14

Perdo for Apprentices, vol.1
Perdo, Tractatus Q14

Magic Theory for Apprentices vol.2
Magic Theory Tractatus Q14

The Evils of Flame vol.1
Ignem, Tractatus Q14

The Evils of Flame vol.2
Ignem, Tractatus Q14

Vim for Apprentices vol.1
Vim, Tractatus Q14

Imaginem for Apprentices vol.1
Im, Tractatus Q14

Magic Theory for Apprentices vol.3
Magic Theory Tractatus Q14

Note: Quality assumes a competent scribe, illuminator and book binder turn her manuscript into a full book.



Spring: Get recruited 2xp Etiq
Summer: Open Arts 2xp Etiq
Fall: A.L. (13xp) Latin 14xp
Winter: Magic Theory (30xp)


Spring: 14 Latin xp 13xp A.L.
Summer: 30xp Magic Theory
Fall: 12xp Latin 12xp A.L.
Winter: Latin 8xp


Spring: 21xp Creo
Summer: 4xp Premonitions
Fall: 17 Latin, 5xp teaching, 5xp A.L.
Winter: 4xp Premonitions


Spring: 27 Magic Theory XP
Summer: Learn Cautious Sorc Virtue
Fall: Premonitions 4xp
Winter: 21xp Vim


Spring: Learn Gentle Gift
Summer: Take Latin Class: 20xp Latin 7xp A.L.
Fall: 4xp Premonitions
Winter: 2xp Magic Theory


Childhood Virtue Swap: Boundless Energy to Unaging (Dominion, Inherited) Grows Quickly to Second Sight (Dominion)
Spring: 21xp Muto
Summer: 21xp Intellego
Fall: 2xp Magic Theory
Winter: 4xp premonitions


Spring: 21 Perdo xp
Summer: 2xp Magic Theory
Fall: 2xp Magic Theory
Winter: Premonitions 4xp


Spring: 21 Rego xp
Summer: Second Sight 4xp
Fall: Second Sight 4xp
Winter: Second Sight 4xp


Spring: 2xp Rego
Summer: Second SIght 4xp
Fall: Second Sight 4xp
Winter: Animal 21xp


Spring: Sorc Music
Summer: Me 21xp
Fall: Me 2xp
Winter: Animal 2xp


Spring: Be Taught= Au 31xp
Summer: Write Au tract = Au 2xp
Fall: Write In Tract = In 2xp
Winter: Write Premonitions = Premonitions 2xp


Spring: The Magus Craft = Re xp 20
Summer: The Magus Craft = Re xp 20
Fall: Write Perdo Tract = 2 Pe xp
Winter: Learn Spells = 2xp Magic Theory, CLEAR SIGHT OF THE NAIAD - InAq:5 pg. 122, TOUCH OF THE PEARLS - InAq:5 pg. 122, CHAMBER OF SPRING BREEZES - CrAq:5 pg. 125, DEMON’S ETERNAL OBLIVION - PeTe:5 pg. 160, WIZARD’S SIDESTEP - ReIm:10 pg. 147
*also Praxologist Minor virtue and major virtue/flaw manifest*


Spring: Practice Music XP 4
Summer: Adventure, 32xp=Charm 5xp, Carouse 5xp, Etiquette 5xp, Folk Ken 5xp, Intrigue 5xp, Guile 5xp, Leadership 2xp
Fall: Rego 20xp
Winter: 31xp Corpus


Spring: 2xp
Summer: 2xp
Fall: 4xp Music
Winter: Comprehend Magic 25xp


Spring: 17xp MT
Summer: 17xp MT
Fall: 17xp MT
Winter: 5xp MT, 3xp awareness


Spring: Magic Theory 2xp
Summer: Parma 33xp
Fall: Magic Theory 2xp
Winter: Magic Theory 2xp


Spring: 28xp ig
Summer: 5xp magic theory
Fall: 18xp
Winter: 18xp


Spring: 2xp Ig
Summer: 20xp Creo
Fall: 5xp MT, 5xp Etiq, 5xp Magic Lore, 1xp charm
Winter: Craft Wand of Light, 2xp magic theory


Spring: Ig 2xp
Summer: Aq 21xp
Fall: Invent Spell, Dagger of Ice pg 35 Societies 2xp MT
Winter: Adventure, 5xp Church Lore, 5xp Awareness, 2xp Intrigue


Spring: Write Book, 2aq xp
Summer: Reading 28xp Te
Fall: Adventure 5xp brawl, 5xp Order of Hermes Lore, 5xp Awareness
Winter: 5xp second sight, 5xp church lore, 5xp brawl, 5xp intrigue, 2xp awareness


Spring: 2xp Cr
Summer: 20 xp Te
Fall: 20 xp Te
Winter: 20xp Te


Spring: 20xp Perdo
Summer: 2xp MT
Fall: Adventures: Church Lore 5xp, Second Sight 5xp, Etiquette 5xp, Charm 5xp
Winter: Adventures: Assorted Quests: 5xp Second Sight, 5xp Fae Lore 5xp Etiquette, 5xp church lore, 3xp awareness


Spring: 2xp MT - bind familiar
Summer: 2xp Teaching
Fall: Adventure 16 xp adventures, 5xp charm, 5xp Faerie Lore, 5xp Etiq, 1xp Folk ken
Winter: read 20xp vim


Spring: Read Whispers of Knowledge Infernal Lore 11
Summer: Adventures: Infernal Lore 3xp, Leadership 5xp, Folk Ken 5xp, Intrigue 5xp, M.T. 5xp, Second Sight 5xp, Charm 5xp
Fall: Write Vim Tractatus, Vim 2xp
Winter: Invent spell, MT 2xp


Spring: Adventures and Twilight: 22Im xp, 11 warping, 5+1 church lore, 2 Civil+cannon Law, 5xp carouse, 5xp etiquette
Summer: Reading 21 He xp
Fall: Teach Fang M.T. 2xp teaching
Winter: read 18xp Aq


Spring: Read: Vim 17+3
Summer: Write Im Tractatus 2xp Im
Fall: 5xp charm, 5 xp S. Sight 5xp Re, 4+1xp Church Lore, 5 Magic Lore
Winter: 2+1xp M.T.
Aging Roll:Stress(2) +4 ages-2 healthy features-2 base Autumn magi living conditions-3 bronze chord=-1 no effect!


Spring: MT XP 2
Summer: MT XP 2
Fall: 5 mastery xp (Holy Arrow) 2xp Infernal Lore
Winter: 5 xp etiquette 3xp church lore
Aging Roll +4 ages, -2 healthy features, -2 base Autumn magi living conditions-3 bronze chord+stress(3)=0


Spring: Learn Fertility Magic
Summer: Adventures! 30xp: 5xp Church Lore, 5xp second sight, 5xp intrigue, 5xp leadership, 5xp etiquette, 5xp carouse
Fall: Write Magic Theory Tractatus 2xp MT
Winter; Invent Spell 2xp MT
Aging Roll +4 ages, -2 healthy features, -2 base Autumn magi living conditions-3 bronze chord+Stress(7)=4, apparent age increase (blocked by Unaging)


Spring: Fertility Magic 2MT xp
Summer: Read: The Veil of Storms and Other Weather Phenomena Q15+3 Au
Fall: Read: The Veil of Storms and Other Weather Phenomena Q15+3 Au
Winter: Read: The Veil of Storms and Other Weather Phenomena Q15+3 Au, Have Child
Aging Roll: [ Stress(7)]+4(Age)-2 healthy features-2 base autumn living conditions-3 bronze chord=4, apparent age increase (blocked by Unaging)


Spring: Muto 20xp
Summer: Adventures 38xp, Charm 5xp, Brawl 5xp, Carouse 5xp, Intrigue 5xp, leadership 5xp Athletics 5xp, folk ken 5xp, hunt 3xp, 3xp in demon slayer rep, 1 notch on enemy noble hook, new hook of false evidence. 11 confidence
Fall: 20 Creo xp
Winter: Invent Spell 2+1 MT xp
Aging Stress 6+4(age)-2 healthy features-2 base autumn living conditions-3 bronze chord=3, apparent age increase (blocked by Unaging)


Spring: Invent Spell 2xp MT
Summer: Practice Mastery of Lesser Cutting Gust
Fall: Read BOok Re20xp
Winter: Adventures: 5xp Te, 5xp Re, 5xp Church Lore
Aging: Stress(7)+5(age)-2 healthy features-2 base autumn living conditions-3 bronze chord=7 Apparent age increase (blocked by unaging)


Spring: Read art of becoming Q20 Creo
Summer: Teach magic theory 2MT +1 correspondance
Fall: Read uncovering bones of earth Q20 Te
Winter: Church Lore 5xp, Charm 5xp, Etiquette 5xp, Carouse 5xp, Parma 1xp, Civil and Cannon Law 5xp, Second Sight 5xp, Intrigue 5xp
Aging: []=+5(age)-2 healthy features-2 base autumn living conditions-3 bronze chord=6 Apparent age increase (blocked by unaging)


Spring: Read Creo Book 20xp
Summer: Invent Spell Maga's blade Cr(Re)Te 30 + Adventure, 3xp Au, 3xp Mu
Fall: Invent Spell Maga's blade Cr(Re)Te 30 2+1xp M.T.
Winter: Practice Mastery Maga's Blade 5xp mastery Maga's Blade
Aging: Stress(0)+Age(5)-2 Healthy Features, -2 Base Autumn Living Conditions-3 bronze chord=-2, no change

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