The happy flute
CrMe 15
R: Voice D: Performance T: Ind
Sorcerous flute music creates happiness to one target who hears it.

Drift On Unseen Wings
ReCo 15
R: Pers D: Sun T: Ind
A simple spell that sends the caster drifting through the air at a casual walking pace. The direction of movement is directed by the caster, and if the caster is unable to focus on the spell's movement, they drift to a stop.

Soar on Unseen Wings
ReCo 25
R: Pers D: Sun T: Ind
The Caster darts through the air at a rapid pace, able to match some soaring birds. The direction of flight is guided by the caster, and should the caster's attention wane, they will float to a stop.

Defy the Hound of Cerberus
ReMe 40
R: Arc D: Conc T: Ind, Ritual (Vis-less)
Result of Hyperborean magic integration, this ritual has the same effect of "Incantation of summoning the dead" (ArM5 page 152), but without vis cost. All spirits summoned by this spell emit a golden light with roughly the illumination of a torch (side effect from experimentation).

The Breath of Midas
CrTe 35
R: Touch D: Mom T: Ind, Vis-less
Result of Hyperborean magic integration, this spell permanently creates 10 cubic feet of gold without the need of vis.

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