Blossom Romano

Name: Blossom
Gender: Female
Year: 1129
Confidence: 1 (21)
Age: 17
Personality Traits: Curious+2 Fear of Fire+6
Faerie Sympathy Traits: Fire-3
Characteristics: Int+1 Com+3 Per+1 Pre+2 Sta+1 Dex+1 Qik+1 Str+1
Virtues: Good Teacher, Puissant Finesse, Book Learner, Faerie Blood (Nymph +1 Pre), Strong Characteristics, Strong Characteristics, Ritual Power (Grant Virtue: Strong Characteristic), Variable Power (Based on Ability)
Flaws: Small Frame, Covenant Upbringing, Motion Sickness, Slow Power, Faerie Antipathy (Major, Fire), Fear of Fire (Major)
Abilities: Italian 5, Latin 5 (Hermetic Usage), Artes Liberales 1, Athletics 1 (Running), Awareness 2 [12] (Fires), Brawl 1 (Dodge), Charm 2 (Men) [3], Church Lore 2 (Petitions) [10], Etiquette 2 (Introductions) [5], Faerie Lore 1 (Knights), Finesse 6 (Wands) [5] Folk Ken 3 [9] (Arsonists), Guile 2 (Men) [1], Intrigue 2 (Church Intrigue) [2], Leadership 1, Magic Lore 1 [6] (Wolves), Medicine 4 [19], Philosophiae 5 (Reagents) [15] , Teaching 5 (Groups) [5]

teaching SQ (group up to 25):13

1xp Faerie Creo vis



Spring: Class 20xp Latin
Summer: Class 12xp Latin
Fall: 5xp eti, 5xp Folk Ken, 5xp Awareness, 1xp Magic Lore
Winter: 2xp Latin


Spring: Class 12xp Latin
Summer: Class 15xp Latin, 5xp A.L.
Fall: 2xp Latin
Winter: 5xp Church Lore, 5xp Awareness, 2xp Intrigue


Spring: Class 10xp Latin, 10xp teaching
Summer: Reading, 30xp philo
Fall: Chores, 2xp Latin
Winter: Adventures! 5xp church lore, 5xp intrigue, 5xp brawl, 5xp athletics, 2xp awareness


Spring: On Interpretation - Aristotle Q21+3
Summer: On Interpretation - Aristotle Q21+3 (L5 Cap!)
Fall: Folk Ken 2xp
Winter: Folk Ken 2xp


Spring: Topics - Aristotle Q12+3 Philo
Summer: Chores: Folk Ken 2xp
Fall: Adventures Church Lore 5xp, Etiquette 5xp, Intrigue 5xp, Magic Lore 5xp
Winter: Chores: Folk Ken 2xp


Spring: The Deft spellcaster Finesse Quality 20+3
Summer: The Deft spellcaster Finesse Quality 20+3
Fall: Chores+16 xp adventures, 5xp charm, 5xp Faerie Lore, 5xp Etiq, 1xp Folk ken
Winter: Chores +2xp folk Ken


Spring: Read: Delicate Spellcraft Q13+3
Summer: Read: Delicate Spellcraft Q13+3
Fall: Chores +2 folk ken
Winter: Chores +2 Folk Ken


Spring: Read: Delicate Spellcraft Q13+3
Summer: Read: Delicate Spellcraft Q13+3
Fall: Chores +2 folk ken
Winter: Chores +2 Folk Ken


Spring: Read 23xp medicien
Summer: Chores 2xp Folk Ken
Fall: Adventure 31xp, 5xp church lore, 5xp etiquette, 5xp charm, 5xp Magic Lore 5xp intrigue, 5xp leadership, 1xp guile
Winter: Chores 2xp Folk Ken


Spring: Read: Aesculapius' Vision Q20+3 Medicine
Summer: Chores 2xp Etiquette
Fall: Read: Aesculapius' Vision Q20+3 Medicine
Winter: Chores+Quest 5xp church lore, 3xp etiquette


Spring: Read: Suitable Curiculae for Apprentices Q17+3 teaching
Summer: Chores +2 charm
Fall: Read: On the Socratic method Q17+3 teaching
Winter: Chores +2 charm


Spring: Read: tractatus Q14+3
Summer: Chores, charm+2
Fall: Read: Tractatus q10+3
Winter: chores Charm+2

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