Bravery - Notes



  • Mentem (8+)
    • reading The human mind and its depths
    • reading The Willfulness of Memory
  • Magic Theory (6+)
  • Penetration (5)
    • The Wizard's Awl Penetration Summae Level 5 Quality 20
  • Second sight
    • On Unveiling the Secret Reaches of the Earth adventure Level 7 Quality 15
  • Order of Hermes Lore (1-2)
  • Code of Hermes (1-2)
  • Magic Lore (4)
  • Spells
    • InCo15 Whispers through the black gate



Amber of putrefaction

CrCo base 2, +1 touch, +3 moon


InCo10 Knock knock, who's there

R: Touch D: Momentary T: Individual Req: Mentem, Vim
This is roughly based on "Whispers through the black gate". However, instead of talking to a ghost that is still somehow connected to the realm of living, you gather information about a ghost whose corpse you are touching. What realm does it belong to? What is its might score? What powers does it possess? This can be very practical as preparation for talking, summoning or otherwise interacting with the ghost.
(base 5, +1 Touch, no magnitude for requisite)

Rationale: The effect is roughly equivalent, so I kept the base of 5 (I did consider base 4, but 5 is probably on the safe side). The idea is to decide if a corpse is worth carrying with you as an arcane connection to a ghost that might be summoned or otherwise interacted with.

InCo25 Find the empty vessel and filling

R: Sight D:Concentration T:Individual Requisite: Mentem (, Vim)
The caster can see an aura around corpses that have a ghost still connected to it. The hue of the aura depends on the realm, the ghost is aligned with. The intensity of the aura depends on how closely the ghost is connected to the corpse.
This is roughly based on Whispers through the black gate. Instead of speaking to the ghost it gives rough information about the ghost.
(base 5, +3 Touch, +1 Concentration)

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