Fortitude Fieldsman

The third child and second son of Anna Fieldsman. His father is Honor Fieldsman.

Year: 1142 Born: Winter 1133
Age: 8
Warping: 8
Traits: Fear of Fire +3, Shy+1
Characteristics: Com+2 Int+2 Per+1 Pre+2 Dex+0 Sta+0 Str-2 Qik+0
Virtues: Book Learner, Independent Study, Good Teacher
Flaws: Covenant Upbringing, Small Frame, Unspecialized, Monsterous Blood (Animal, Horse Hooves)
Abilities: Italian 5, Latin 5[4], Artes Liberales 0 [4] Folk Ken 2 [4], Magic Theory 3 [18]


Spring: Chores, Latin Q2
Summer: Latin Practice Q10
Fall: Chores, Latin Q2
Winter: Chores, Latin Q10

Spring: Latin class by Blossom Q24, Capped at L5
Summer: Chores: Latin Q2
Fall: Magic Theory Class by Q25
Winter: Chores: Latin Q2

Spring: Magic theory class from markus Q28=28xp mt
Summer: Chores 2xp folk ken
Fall: Chores 2xp folk ken
Winter: Practice AL 4xp

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