Khalil, son and future apprentice to Gloriana



Born and conceived Winter 1140 with Gloriana's Fertility Ritual level 175, 35 Trait points to spend: Gifted 3, Male 1, Aff. with Org Lore 1, Cautious w/Org Lore 1, Puissant w/Org Lore 1, Strong Faerie Blood 3, Generous 1, Lesser malediction (disobeying mother makes him despondent) 1, Lesser benediction: all sexual encounters will produce conception 1, Personal Vis source (Vim, 4/year?) 1, Ritual Power: Grant Minor Virtue: Affinity with Muto 3, Variable Power: Ritual Power 1, Good Teacher 1, Improved Characteristics x 4, Independent Study 1, Great Presence 1 x2, Gentle Gift 3, Mythic Blood: Gloriana 3, Affinity with Muto 1, Puissant Muto 1, Mythic Stamina

Vital Statistics


Size: 0
Age: 5
Decrepitude: 0
Warping Score: 0(1) Conceived and born in a day, through Child of Last Night's Meeting (Ages an unborn child until birth begins or concentration ends)
Confidence: 1 (3)


Generous +3, Driven to use his talents to serve his family +3, Impulsive +1



Characteristic Score Description
Int +3
Per +1
Str +0
Sta +1
Pre +5
Com +3
Dex +1
Quik +1

Virtues and Flaws

-3 V&F from GM, 3 V&F set by player, 33 Virtues and 2 Flaws set by Fertility Ritual


The Gift, Affinity with Organization Lore (minor, general), Affinity with Muto (minor, Hermetic, INHERITED), Cautious with Organization Lore (minor, general), Gentle Gift (Major, Hermetic), Good Teacher (minor, general), Great Presence (minor, General) x2 , Independent Study (minor, general), Lesser Benediction: sexual unions always produce conception (minor, Supernatural, Faerie, INHERITED), Minor Magical Focus: Changing size (minor, Hermetic, INHERITED) from Mythic Blood, Mythic Blood: Gloriana (Major, Hermetic, INHERITED), Mythic Stamina: Tireless Will (Minor, Heroic), Personal Vis Source: Vim (minor, Hermetic), Puissant Muto (minor, Hermetic), Puissant with Organization Lore (minor, general), Ritual Power: Grant Minor Virtue: Affinity with Muto (Major, Supernatural, INHERITED), Second Sight (minor, Supernatural, Faerie) from SFB, Strong Faerie Blood: Dionysios (Major, Supernatural, Faerie), Variable Power: Ritual Power, based on age (Minor, Supernatural, INHERITED), Puissant Craft (GM assigned), Affinity with Magic Theory (GM assigned), Free Expression (GM assigned), Apt Student (player added), Large (Inherited, player added), Unaging (Inherited, player added)

Mythic Blood Power: Spriggan: MuCo 15, no words or gestures, can be fastcast (no roll): Khalil can grow to size +3 or shrink to size -4, or anywhere in between, and can use and cancel at will.
Base 3 + 2 Sun + 1 growth and shrinking + 1 Extra size

Faerie God : Dionyisios +1 Presence, Sympathies: Wine, Initiation. Negative: Rational Thought, Max current score is Warping Score + 3


Driven : to constantly use his powers and talents to advance the interests of his family (minor, personality, INHERITED) from Mythic Blood, Generous (minor, personality), Minor Malediction: Disobeying Mother's wishes makes him despondent (minor, supernatural - faerie), Offensive to Animals (GM assigned), Visions(GM assigned), Non-Combatant (GM assigned) Susceptible to Divine Power (player added), Covenant Upbringing (**Inherited, player added), Unimaginative Learner(Inherited, player added)

Combat & Defenses TBD

Dodge: Initiative 0, Attack n/a , Defense +1, Damage n/a
Fist: Initiative -1, Attack 0, Defense 0, Damage -?
Kick: Initiative -2, Attack 0, Defense -?, Damage +?
Soak: 0 + Form bonuses

Fatigue levels: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious
Wound Penalties: -1 (1-5), -3 (6-10), -5 (11-15), Incapacitated (16-20), Dead (21+)


Ability Specialization Score Extra Exp. Notes
Area Lore: Locri Forbidden Places 1
Awareness Alertness 1
Charm Females 1
Folk Ken Females 1
Living Language: Italian Writing 5 Native
Living Language: Arabic Poetry 2
Second Sight Illusions 1
Stealth Hide 1
Swim Sea 1



Technique Score Extra Exp. Form Score Extra Exp. Form Score Extra Exp.
Cr 0 An 0 Ig 0
In 0 Aq 0 Im 0
Mu 0 Au 0 Me 0
Pe 0 Co* 0 Te 0
Re 0 He 0 Vi 0


Wizard's Sigil:

Certamen School:
Twilight Scars:



Khalil Development

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