son of Aurthor ex Misc.
(Lab Aid +8)
Born in Winter 1112, one year after The Ritual.

Age: 32

Warping: 0(3)
Confidence: 1(3)

Str -1 Dex +1 Sta 0 Qik +1 Int +3* Per +2 Pre +3* Com +5
* Int Raised by ritual, 1129. Pre Raised by ritual 1134

Virtues: Strong Faerie blood (Faerie God), Great Communication x2, Good Teacher, Improved Characteristics, Faerie Legacy. Personal Power (granted by Ibis)
Flaws: Lecherous (Major), Small Frame, Avaricious(minor), supernatural nuisance(guardians of boundaries) - both of these are from the influence of the faerie Mercury

** Personality Traits:** Lecherous +5, Mischevious +2, Adventurous +1
Faerie sympathies: Commerce +1, Trickery +1
Reputations: Brave Adventurer 1(5)

As a young boy he developed his father's strengths and weaknesses, blended with some other faerie influence - however in this Ungifted man the faerie influence has shown itself as a talent for trickery and commerce rather than magic and communication. He is fine travelling along roads and rivers (much better than his father, who has no sense of direction), but whenever he crossed boundaries any liminal fae seem to show up and challenge him or put little obstacles in his way - it's as if they expect something special from him.

The youthful Mercurio has developed into a cheeky and cheerful lad, with a bright smile and eyes whose color is hard to define. His garralous nature and small stature make him seem eternally young, in a fey sort of way, ever curious and always eager to go on any adventure he can find. He's a consummate trickster, liar, and flirt, with nothing but the best intentions… though he is always happier around beautiful girls than anything else.

Current abilities:

Area Lore: Covenant (drinking establishments) 3(4), Artes Liberales(rhetoric) 2(5), Bargain(faeries) 3(5), Brawl (dodging) 5(15), Charm(flirting) 3(19), Civil and Canon Law(Locri area) 1(9), Etiquette(peasants) 3(15), Faerie Lore(threshold guardians) 5(8), Folk Ken (covenfolk) 5(28), Guile (complex lies) 2, Intrigue(rumormongering) 4(8), Language: Italian(poetry) 5, Language Latin(poetry) 5(13), Magic Theory(spell design) 9(2), Medicine(anatomy) 3(10), Profession: Scribe(hastily copying) 5(25), Stealth (moving quietly) 4(1), Second Sight(regiones) 2(12) , Teaching(single student) 5(13)

Notable Additions

Mercurio has three pawns of faerie mentem vis from a faerie fox trickster; two pawns of rego vis from a spider-web weaver as crystaline spiderwebs
Ibis, his father's familiar, has invested him with the ability to fly:

Soar on Unseen Wings (ReCo25)
R: Pers D: Sun T: Ind
The Caster darts through the air at a rapid pace, able to match some soaring birds. The direction of flight is guided by the caster, and should the caster's attention wane, they will float to a stop.

Correspondence in Folk Ken (Priest on Anna's estate, x2), Correspondence on bargain (merchants nearby, x2)


1117: learns 40xp Latin from Mentor, 13xp brawl from Erberto, 15xp Folk Ken from the social instructor. Next year he has to start apprenticing to a scribe, despite Aurthor protest his son needs more school time.
1118: Classes with Markus: 20xp Artes Liberales, 20xp Profession Scribe; One season working with the Scribes(2xp), one season being less helpful (2xp area lore for the covenant)
1119: Learn Latin from mentor 2 seasons (40xp); One season working with the Scribes(2xp), one season being less helpful (2xp area lore for the covenant)
1120: Learn Scribe from Markus (20xp) Magic theory from Markus (20xp), exposure in Area lore and scribe.
1121: Learn Scribe from Markus (26xp?), Magic theory from Markus,(23xp) Exposure in Area Lore and Scribe.
1122: Learn Latin from Prosperina(18xp), Learn Brawl from Eberto(14xp), exposure in Area Lore and Scribe
1123: Scribing Class(20xp), Brawl Class(14xp), exposure in Area Lore and Scribe (2+2xp)
1124: Read Hidden Worlds(11xp), Brawl Class (14xp), exposure in Area Lore and Scribe
1125: Read Worlds/Vision(11xp), Adventure (5xp bargain, 3xp Faerie Lore), Exposure in Area Lore (4xp)
1126: Intrigue Class (15xp), Etiquette Class (15xp), exposure in Area Lore (4xp)
1127: Class Brawl (20xp), read Realm of Faerie (22xp), exposure Area Lore (4xp)
1128: Class teaching (22xp), read trials in Sicily: Civil and Canon (14xp); Exposure Area Lore 4xp
1129: Class stealth (15xp), Class Charm (15xp), exposure folk ken 4xp
1130: Class Etiquette (15xp), class teaching (20xp), exposure Folk Ken 4xp
1131: Class Folk Ken (15xp) class Intrigue 15xp, exposure Folk Ken 4xp
1132: Temporary Affinity in Magic Theory for two seasons; Book Magic Theory x2 (32/48xp), exposure Charm (4xp)
1133: Read Magic Theory book x2 (32xp); exposure Magic Theory (4xp)
1134: Class Magic Theory from Markus (30xp), Intrigue class (15xp); exposure Magic Theory 4xp
1135: Class Teaching from Mentor (23xp), Faerie Lore book (22xp); exposure MT 4xp
1136: Book Faerie Lore twice (22+14xp), Exposure MT 4xp
1137: Class Stealth(21xp), Class Charm(15xp), Exposure MT 4xp
1138: Book Intrigue (13xp) class Folk Ken (16xp), exposure MT 4xp
1139: class Etiquette (15xp), class MT(only student) (30xp), exposure MT 4xp
1140: Class Charm (15xp), read Medicine (20xp), Exposure MT 4xp
1141: Book MT 8xp, class intrigue 15xp, exposure MT 4xp
1142: Book Bargain (14+1 xp), Class Folk Ken (18+1 xp), exposure MT (4xp)
1143: Book Bargain (14+1 xp), Class Folk Ken (21+1 xp), Exposure MT (4xp)
1144: Book Medicine (20xp), Class Teaching(23xp), Exposure MT (2xp) Area Lore 2xp

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