Caligo, Transient Gloom


Twenty six years before meeting Neleos, Iapetus of Tytalus made bargain with a faerie merchant, aided by his Merenita covenant-mate: A source of faerie vis in return for Neleos's next child. Iapetus had already taken his longevity ritual, and was certain he was winning this bargain.
Neleos was a Greek boy, born to a fisher-family in the outskirts of Patras. He was always quiet and sullen, and due to the Gift, the other boys in his area never treated him well. This led him to staying indoors and hiding from them, which in turn meant the boys liked him even less. The bullying meant Neleos mostly went out at night, and his father never really spent the effort to teach or protect his second-born son. Ungrateful child that he was. The young boy always loved watching the waves against the beaches and cliffs at night, and felt the impermanence of life like the ocean. Late at night, Iapetus came across a strange boy he'd heard about in the local city. True to Tytalus form, he told the boy that nobody wanted him. He told the boy his life was going to become nothing but painful. Then the Tytalus kidnapped the boy and brought him to his covenant.
And then the Faerie Merchant finally came back to get his end of the bargain, and steal away the Apprentice that Iapetus had sold him, twenty-six years before. Now the merchant had to find a good buyer… And Andros of Flambeau seemed to be the best option.

Neleos's experience with the faerie merchant has certainly left him marked, in some ways. His magic has developed a certain… impermanence, whether creation or destruction. His former master, when he's found once again, will begin to insist on testing him, intent on providing 'his' apprentice with a proper Tytalus apprenticeship, whether or not Neleos is able to stand on his own. Physically, he seems almost impermanent as well. He is thin, his skin surprisingly pale for his Greek heritage, only a hint of color. His hair is dark, his eyes are dark. He is most comfortable in the dark and the night, and is particularly fond of sundown and sunup, the transient times. Apon completing his gauntlet, the young magus took the name Caligo.

House: Flambeaux
Born: 1122
Apprenticed: 1130
Age: 23 Gender: Male
Confidence 1 (3)
Warping 1
Personality: Curious +2, Steadfast -2, Sullen +3
Reputations: Travelling scholar 1
Virtues: Affinity for Perdo, Apt Student, Clear Thinker*, Cyclical Magic (Night-time), Deft Intelligence*, Inconspicuous*, Flawless Magic, Minor Magical Focus(self-transformation)**, Piercing Gaze*, Secondary Insight**, Self-confident, Student of Faerie
Flaws: Covenant Upbringing, Enemy (Iapetus, challenging him -2), Fragile Constitution, Harmless Magic, Nocturnal, Unnatural Magic
*Child virtue or replacement.Taught Virtue or flaw **


Int +3 Str -1
Per +1 Sta -1
Pre +3* Dex +0
Com +3* Qik +1

* +2 Com from ritual in 1133; +2 Pre from ritual in 1134; +1 Com ritual in 1139


Area Lore: Locri (personalities) 1, Artes Liberales(rhetoric) 1(8), Athletics (climbing) 1(4), Awareness (fine details) 1, Brawl(dodge) 3(1), Charm(being witty) 1(5), Code of Hermes 2(5), Faerie Lore(faerie bargains) 2+2 (13), Folk Ken(magi) 1, Language: Greek 5 (island slang), Language: Latin 5 (Hermetic usage), Magic Theory(inventing spells) 9(26), Parma Magica 3(7), Philosophae(Ceremonial Casting) 3(4), Stealth(natural areas) 2, Swim(diving) 2, Teaching 1 (6)


Cr 10(8) An 6(6) Ig 4(3)
In 10(3) Aq Im 1
Mu 10(9) Au 6 Me 4
Pe 14(7) Co 9(1) Te 11
Re 13(13) He 6 Vi 11

Formulaic Spells

Gift of the Bear's Fortitude (MuCo 25) Mastery 1 - Fast Casting
Whispers Through the Black Gate (InCo 15) Mastery 1 - Imperturbable Casting
Lamp Without Flame (CrIg 10) Mastery 1 - Imperturbable Casting
Ward Against Heat and Flames (ReIg 20) Mastery 1 - Fast Casting
Veil of Invisibility - note R:personal (PeIm15) Mastery 1 - Fast Casting
Pit of the Gaping Earth (PeTe 15) Mastery 1 - Fast Casting
See the Vis (InVi 5) Mastery 1 - Quiet Casting
Bind Wounds (CrCo 5) Mastery 1 - Quiet Casting
Assume the Stature of the Giants of Eld (MuCo 10) Mastery 1
The Wound that Weeps (PeCo 15) Mastery 1 - Penetration
Piercing the Magical Veil (InVi 20) Mastery 1 - Subtle Casting
Opening the Intangible Tunnel (ReVi 15) Mastery 1 - Penetration
Circular Ward Against Faeries (ReVi 20) Mastery 1 - Penetration
Aura of Rightful Authority (ReMe 20) Mastery 1 - Quiet Casting
Sense the Nature of Vis (InVi 5) Mastery 1 - Quiet Casting



Correspondence in Magic Lore with a young Flambeaux Militant


1130: Adventure(5xp Area Lore, 1xp faerie lore, 4xp athletics), MT class (23xp), Latin class (22xp), Opened Arts
1131: Class MT (36xp) Brawl (29xp) Latin/Artes (14+13), Learn Secondary Insight from Andros.
1132: Class MT/Andros (35xp), Class MT Markus(35xp); Class MT/Teaching (11/11 maxed) Mentor and Class Philosophae Mentor (34xp)
1133: Class MT Markus(36xp), exposure 2xp MT, Read Rego(28xp) + Secondary(1xp Co Me Im Ig) 2 warping and +2 Com from rituals
1134: Class Rego Andros (37xp + 1 Ig Co Me Te), exposure 4xp MT, read Corpus (28xp + secondary 1 Re 1 In)
1135: Read Muto (21xp +1 Ig Co Me Te), Exposure x2 MT (4xp), class Muto Andros (37xp +1 Ig Co Me Te)
1136: Read Creo (21xp +1 Ig Co Me Te), Exposure x2 MT (4xp), class Creo Andros (37xp +1 Ig Co Me Te)
1137: Read Intellego (21xp +1 Co Ig Me Te), Exposure MT (2xp), Class MT Markus (26xp + 9xp Latin), Class Intellego Andros (37xp +1 Ig Co Me Te)
1138: exposure MT (2xp); read Vim (21xp + 1 Cr Mu); Read Animal (21xp +1 Cr Mu); Class Vim (37xp +1 Cr Mu)
1139: read Perdo (26xp +1 Co Ig An Vi); Class Perdo Andros (55xp +1 Co Ig An Vi); Read Auram (21xp +1 Co Ig An Vi); Exposure MT 2xp
1140: read Terram (28xp +1 Cr Pe), class Terram Andros (37 xp +1 Cr Pe(+1aff)); Exposure MT 4xp.
1141: Read Herbam (21xp +1 Cr Pe), Class Rego Andros (38xp +1 An Co Te Vi); Exposure MT 4xp
1142: Read Perdo (17+9xp +1 An Co Ig Vi); Exposure MT 6xp
1143: Exposure MT 6xp; Read Faerie lore 22xp
1144: Book Code of Hermes (20xp), Class Muto (34xp +1 An Co Ig Vi)), Exposure MT (4xp)
1145: adventures: 22xp(5xp MT, 5xp Charm, 5xp Mu, 5xp Co, 2xp Me), class Parma (37xp), Exposure MT (4xp)

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