Pazzino Musante, a lawyer

Concept: A young man from a military-minded family who went to the newly-founded University of Bologna. He rejected further study when he was taken under the wing of a church lawyer, and intended to specialise in land and rent disputes that are common in Italy. His family has a legend that one of their ancestors was impregnated by a magical spirit of prophecy, and he can see things others can't. He was employed to make sure the covenant's rent was being paid appropriately, when he saw strange things in the faerie region. He received a premonition that his destiny was entangled with this place, and begged the covenant to employ him.

Born: 1075

Current Year: 1145

Characteristics: Int +2, Per +2, Pre +2, Com +3, Str +1, Sta +1, Dex +1, Qik +1
Size: -1
Age: 70(36)
Decrepitude: 0
Warping: 3(5)
Confidence: 2 (233)
True Faith: 1 (from relic)
Magic Resistence: 10 (from relic)

Virtues: Covenfolk; Baccalaureus, Improved characteristics, Magic blood(spirit), Privileged Upbringing, Relic, Second Sight, Self-ConfidentP
Flaws: Ambitous (major), Dutybound, Small Frame, Mentor (Church lawyer), Fragile Constitutionw, Anchored to the Cityw
P: acquired in play w: from warping

Personality Traits: Ambitious +6, Upholds the law +3, Brave +1
Reputations: Excellent Lawyer 2(14), Good Negotiator 2(5)

Dodge: Init +1, Atk n/a, Def +4
Fist: Init +1, Atk +3, Def +3, Dam +1
Dagger: Init +1, Atk +5, Def +3, Dam +4
Longsword: Init +3, Atk +8, Def +5, Dam +7

Soak: +0
Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious
Wound Penalties: -1 (1-4), -3 (5-8), -5 (9-12), Incapacitated (13-16)

Abilities: Area Lore: Bologna 2 (university), Area Lore: Italy 4(10), Area Lore: Locri 4(6), Artes Liberales 5 (6) (rhetoric), Athletics 3(8) (running), Awareness 4(8) (ambushes), Bargain 6(12) (legal negotiation) Bows 4(4) (crossbow), Brawling 3 (3)(dodge), Carouse 2(5), Charm (first impression) 4(16), Civil & Canon Law 9(3) (land disputes), Code of Hermes 4(16) (loopholes), Dominion Lore (Saints) 4(14), Latin 5(legal terms), Etiquette 4(8) (first impressions), Faerie Lore 5(14) (underworld faeries), Folk Ken 6(11) (detecting lies), Guile 5(23) (looking honest), Hunt 5 (tracking), Infernal Lore 5(9) (demons), Intrigue 6 (plotting), Leadership 4(13) (clerks), Living Language: Italian (Milanese) 5, Magic Lore 5(3) (spirits), Medicine 4(15) (anatomy), Organisation Lore: Church 4(11) (church lands), Organisation Lore: Order of Hermes 5(7) (Roman Tribunal), Philosophiae 3 (ethics), Premonitions 5(1)(magical threats), Ride 3(19) (ride fast), Second sight 5(26)(regiones), Siege Weapons (Catapults) 1(3), Single Weapon 5(18) (longsword), Stealth 3(2), Swim (strong currents) 1, Theology 6 (Leviticus), Thrown Weapon 1 (rock).

Longevity Ritual: 29th magnitude, provided by Evandros in 1111.

Equipment: Relic (a finger of Saint Barnaba), Longsword, writing kit.

Vis: 7 Cr, 3 In, 22 Co, 3 Me, 4 Te.

Correspondences: in Artes Liberales, Church Lore, Civil & Canon Law, Etiquette, Premonitions, Second Sight, Charm and Bargain.

Encumbrance: 0 (0)


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